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The Fourth Dimension Higher Power Program

Build a relationship with your Higher Power that will take your life to a fourth dimension of existence without having to drink anybody else’s Kool-Aid!


Steps 6 & 7 Program

Build trust in your Higher Power to remove the shortcomings that block you from the sunlight of the spirit without fearing some serious shiz is going to hit the fan if your defects don’t change NOW!

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Fourth Dimension 1-on-1 Coaching

Come out of the jail cell of what happened in the past, slay the fears holding you back from your dreams, and live fully as the person your Higher Power put you here to be!


One Way to Change Your Perspective on Fear

One of my favorite quotes is "Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone," by Robert Allen. Which means, I have to accept being uncomfortable if I want to change and grow. The challenge for me is, the discomfort triggers fear. As a coach, I read A LOT about...