One Way to Change Your Perspective on Fear

One of my favorite quotes is “Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone,” by Robert Allen. Which means, I have to accept being uncomfortable if I want to change and grow. The challenge for me is, the discomfort triggers fear. As a coach, I read... read more

The Gifts From Those You Resent

As I became an adult, there was one thing I was most adamant I would never do: become like my mother. Oh dear God, PLEASE don’t EVER let me become like my mother! And for the longest time, I was real clear on all the ways in which I was never. ever. going to be... read more

What If God Never Said No?

One of my biggest challenges with trusting my Higher Power is accepting when I don’t get what I want.   Let me give you an example.  I have struggled my whole life with procrastination.  It was bad, really really bad.  And man, the shame that went with it was... read more