Why Acceptance of Your Shortcomings Works So Much Better

Why Acceptance of Your Shortcomings Works So Much Better

Do you feel like you have to fix whatever you think is broken in you or the shiz in your life is really going to fly?

As in, any. minute. now.

Do you feel like all that crap needed to be fixed, like, yesterday?

Yeah, me too.

But let me ask you something: how’s that attitude of crisis and urgency around your shortcomings working for you?

I know for damn sure it hasn’t worked for me.

In fact, it just kept me feeling stuck, small and broken.

Even worse, it seriously challenged my faith in my Higher Power.

And I get it. It can totally feel like that sense of urgency is the only thing that’s keeping those defects of character from getting worse and then REALLY messing up your life.

But let this be an invitation to create a little space around that feeling.

To help you out with that, I’ll let you in on a not so little secret about me. (more…)

My 2015 Wish for You: Showing Up Whole

My 2015 Wish for You: Showing Up Whole

We cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known, and when we honor the spiritual connection that grows from that offering with trust, respect, kindness and affection. ~Brené Brown

As I take stock of this past year, it’s clear that for me 2014 has been very much about transcending old belief patterns that are no longer serving me.

One of those is a persistent pattern of seeing myself as less than others. And hence I keep finding myself in relationships with people who treat me the same way I see myself.

Like so many things we need to heal in our lives, healing for me with this has been a process of peeling back each of the layers. And with each layer the pattern becomes less extreme.