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Are you struggling to consistently answer those simple questions each day? 

Are you secretly beating yourself up, berating yourself that the task really isn’t that complicated, so why don’t you just freakin’ do it?

I mean, the questions are right there, right?

If you answered yes to these questions, I hear you!

Doing a consistent daily inventory can feel as difficult as the phone feels heavy when you’re in despair and need to reach out. 

So, why not make it a little easier for yourself? 


This may sound crazy, but, I actually freakin’ LOVE inventories.  Seriously, I do all kinds of them all the time.

Asking myself questions and then answering them in writing has been the source of colossal shifts in perception and spiritual awakenings in my life galore.

Seriously, it never fails me…  unless I fail to do it. 

And for whatever reason, those basic daily questions were just too easy to blow off.

When it came to that daily inventory, I seriously needed some help. 

So this not-so-little gem here is exactly what I created to give that to myself.  And now I’m sharing it with you.


The Daily Inventory and Gratitude Journal. 

  • A page for every day (all 366 of them!)  
  • The basic questions. 
  • A few other questions I found helpful. 
  • Daily gratitude. 
  • And then a monthly review for each month so you can pull it all together.

That’s a seriously potent 400-page concoction, IMHO! 

(Check out the images below.)

So, if you needed the structure of a journal like I did, here it is for you.  In two versions, actually.  And you don’t even have to choose. 


When you order, you’ll get both versions:

  • A black and white PDF for those who prefer to print and write.  Page numbers for each month are included so you can print out one month at a time.  Just print it out, 3-hole punch it and put it in a binder.  It is 400 pages, so many people only print out one month at a time.

  • A color, fillable PDF to use on your devices.  Great for traveling so you don’t have to bring a binder with you.

Each journal is only dated with the day of the month – not the weekday or the year – so you can reuse this journal year after year.

Either print it out again, or save the color fillable PDF with a new file name and begin again.  (Actually, save it with a new file name before you start filling it out, so you have a fresh empty one ready for the next year.  Then just save the empty one with a new file name again next year.)



Cover - Color

Daily Inventory Page - Fillable

Monthly Review - Fillable

Cover - Grayscale, Printable

Daily Inventory Page - Grayscale, Printable

Monthly Review - Grayscale, Printable

Your Life & Recovery Coach

Madeleine Craig

Madeleine Craig

Life and Recovery Coach

I know how incredibly important having a relationship with a Higher Power that works is for anyone in recovery! And I know how challenging it can be to build a loving and trusting relationship with your own understanding of a Higher Power.

And I am here to help you do that!!

I am a professionally trained life and recovery coach who uses coaching, spirituality and Twelve-Step principles to support people recovering their faith in themselves, and in the possibilities life holds, in the face of past traumas, addiction or family addiction, so they can become the woman or the man their Higher Power put them on this Earth to be.

I help people transcend the limiting beliefs these experiences often create so they can build the life they didn’t dare dream they could have.