Fourth Dimension Coaching

The Spiritual Journey I Propose Requires Courage. Are you Ready?

In fact, you may need to be a bit of a spiritual growth junkie to be interested in what I offer.

The journey will require humility, willingness, and vulnerability.

And lots of courage.

But if you’re tired of being afraid of not being OK,

And tired of the fear of showing up broken,

Tired of worrying that you’re failing at recovery, that you’re failing at life, or that the success you’ve had isn’t really real,

I’ve been there, and I hear you.

Which is why I invite you to join me on a journey to…


Life in a Fourth Dimension of Existence.

The Journey Has Three Phases

Phase I: Have a strong and loving relationship with your Higher Power

Here is where you develop an understanding of a Higher Power that is right for YOU.

Where you strengthen your intuition.

So you can allow the limitless power of your Higher Power into your life.

So you can let go of your fears and your ego’s need to control.

So you can get clear answers and be able to better discern which messages are from your Higher Power and which are your fear talking.


This is what the Fourth Dimension Higher Power Program is all about.

Phase II: Stop crucifying yourself and know you're lovable.

Our character defects are the source of so many fears and so much self abuse.

And yet, no matter how much we grow and change, we will always have shortcomings. It’s part of being human.

Here is where you learn to step out of the way and truly allow the God of your understanding to remove what stands in the way of your usefulness and your ability to truly live.

This is where you embrace your humanity and learn to walk comfortably on the face of the Earth, just as you are, always growing and changing.


I developed the Steps 6 & 7 Program to help you do this. 

Phase III: Live fully as the expression of love and light your Higher Power created you to be.

This may be the hardest part of all.

If you’ve struggled with your own addiction or the addiction of a loved one, you know that sometimes hope is harder than fear.

This, however, is the heart of my coaching. 

So you can come out of the jail cell of what happened in the past, fully experience life, and not shy away.

So you have the ability to be there for others, to support other women and men, your family and your friends.

So you can slay the fears holding you back from your dreams.

So you can courageously take a stand in the face of generational family cycles and say, “This pain and suffering ends with me.”

Like I said, this journey is not for the faint of heart.

But if you’re reading and willing, sign up for your Fourth Dimension Living Breakthrough Session!

I came to Madeleine knowing that I wanted more from life and from myself. She helped me wade through all of the self doubt, excuses and limiting beliefs, to a place where I found the confidence to take my dream seriously.  I finally have that sense of purpose I was so longing for! Madeleine is such a compassionate and beautiful person. Her intuition and gentle approach helped me move forward when I felt stuck.

Bethany S

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