The 2018

Courage, Attitude, Gratitude Planner

is Here!

Plan to Invite Your Higher Power In

Is there a middle ground between action (or footwork) and surrender?

This is a question I’ve struggled to answer for years.

Where was I supposed to be taking action and where was I supposed to be letting go?

In my case at least, I had to add to that conundrum a completely f-ed up relationship to both time and planning.

Keep it simple?  Yeah, right!

Any surprise I struggled to get stuff done?  Or, if it did get done, to get it done with any measure of serenity?

And of course, HP, sometimes has some very different plans than my own.

Well, here’s my answer, at least for today.

ONLY $7.99!

A planner that has all the tools necessary to invite my HP into my plans, and then, of course, all the tools necessary to, you know, plan.

I know, I know, I know.

All Your Best Laid Plans…

Which is why this planner is printable.  You print it yourself.  Put it in a binder.

If the shiz hits the fan, just print those pages (or the whole thing) again, and start over.

This baby is a very forgiving planner.  Cuz I’m ALL about forgiveness.

Absolutely, positively no need for perfection here.

Which is a beautiful thing, IMHO.

Here’s what you’ll find in your 2018 Courage, Attitude, Gratitude Planner:

  • Monthly Calendar Pages
  • Monthly Goals Pages with Prompts to Invite your Higher Power in to your Plans
  • Monthly Review Pages to Learn & Grow from the Past Month
  • Step Study Pages – One Step a Month
  • Dated Weekly Planning Pages with Space for Work, Personal, and Service Work Tasks
  • Quarterly Work, Personal and Service Objectives Pages, Again, with Prompts to Invite your Higher Power in to your Objetives
  • Optional Daily To Do Pages with Daily Gratitude – Just Print as Needed
  • Optional Project Planning Pages, with – guess what! – Prompts to Invite your Higher Power in to your Projects
  • Optional Habit & Goal Setting Challenge Pages – Perfect for Supporting You in Creating Change in Your Life

And it’s black and white – so it’s easy on your printer!


P.S. IT’S ONLY $7.99!!


Daily Planning Page


Weekly Planning Page

Monthly Calendar

Top 3 Monthly Goals


Monthly Review

Quarterly Objectives

Project Planning


Monthly Step Study

Habit & Goal Challenge

Your Life & Recovery Coach

Madeleine Craig

Madeleine Craig

Life and Recovery Coach

I know how incredibly important having a relationship with a Higher Power that works is for anyone in recovery! And I know how challenging it can be to build a loving and trusting relationship with your own understanding of a Higher Power.

And I am here to help you do that!!

I am a professionally trained life and recovery coach who uses coaching, spirituality and Twelve-Step principles to support people recovering their faith in themselves, and in the possibilities life holds, in the face of past traumas, addiction or family addiction, so they can become the woman or the man their Higher Power put them on this Earth to be.

I help people transcend the limiting beliefs these experiences often create so they can build the life they didn’t dare dream they could have.