As I was working on Step 3, my sponsor gave me an assignment.

She asked me to go through all the literature I had, read what it had to say on Step 3, and write down my thoughts on anything I read that resonated with me or surprised me.

Well, one of the things that surprised me was how many words there are for God in the Big Book. Creative Intelligence, Power, Spirit of the Universe, Great Reality, Presence of Infinite Power and Love.

As I recognized that all of these different expressions for “the God idea,” I, personally, realized that I liked some of them better for myself.

Other people love the word, “God,” which is fabulous.

For me, it came with a lot of baggage that I struggled to let go of.

So one thing I did that I will suggest to you, no matter what your word is, is to make a list of all these words, and others that you could speak to the idea of a Higher Power.

Then brainstorm and journal about what each of these expressions mean to you.

Even if ‘God’ is the word that works best for you, you will have an even clearer sense of what about that feels comforting or secure to you. And if ‘God’ isn’t the best word for you, then you can ask yourself, “Is there a term, conception, or expression in here, that you would feel most comfortable turning your will and my life over to?”

Either way, you will have a better sense of what it might mean to you for a Higher Power to care for you, which may make it easier to turn your will and your life over to that care.

For me, it’s the idea of a Loving Spirit. I feel a greater sense of care and protection with that expression. But I still often use the word ‘God’ in meetings because I have a profound respect for the program and what it’s done for me. But in my own practice of prayer and meditation, ‘Loving Spirit’ is what I use.

So, I’d love to hear from you. What came up for you when you did this exercise? Did it reveal anything surprising for you?

Share your experience, strength and hope in the comments. I read every one.

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