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First things first.  If you haven’t already had your Fourth Dimension Living Breakthrough Session, you’ll need to do that first.  This session is intended to clarify what you would like coaching to do for you and to determine if coaching together is a good fit for you. You can sign up for your session here.

If we decide to work together, I will suggest a coaching program.  You are free to choose whichever program is best for you.  Once you choose your type of package and complete your purchase, you will be emailed a coaching contract and other materials, as well as a link to my online scheduling console. You may then schedule your sessions.

Just so you know, coaching is most effective with a longer term commitment. Therefore I highly recommend either the three-month or the six-month package – plus, you will save money by purchasing more than one month at a time.

All packages come with unlimited email laser coaching. Clients may call in between sessions if they have questions or get stuck. Calls shorter than 10 minutes are not billed.


Please note: because coaching is a process, I do not sell single sessions to new clients. I recommend a three-month package to start to ensure consistent progress.  Established clients who wish to purchase a single session may do so. Singles sessions are billed at $175/session and are invoiced via PayPal. Payment must be made before the session.

1-Month packages are not refundable as the free Fourth Dimension Living Breakthrough Session is designed to determine if we are a good fit. Haven’t scheduled your Fourth Dimension Living Breakthrough Session yet? You’ll want to do that first. Use the sign-up form in the green section below to sign up for your free Fourth Dimension Living Breakthrough Session.

Larger packages may be cancelled and refunded with the deduction of the fee for the first month (i.e. $449 will be subtracted) if 3 or fewer sessions were used. Sessions used beyond the one-month period will be billed at $175/session, the next highest package rate, or a combination of the two, depending on how many sessions were used. The balance will then be refunded. If you’ve purchased a package and find yourself unable to use your sessions for any reason, you may put the remaining sessions on a 3-month hold. Session credits will not be carried out further than 3 months beyond the duration of the package purchased. Refunds must be requested prior to the end of the term or the end of the hold, if a hold has been requested.

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