Steps 6 & 7


MAY 19-21, 2017

Build trust in your Higher Power to remove the shortcomings that block you from the Sunlight of the Spirit

without fearing some serious shiz is going to hit the fan if your defects don’t change NOW!

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I discovered a main defect that seems to be the cause of many of my other defects of character.


I take with me the peace of mind that God can and will remove my shortcomings.


I learned so much in just the very first session about Steps 6 & 7 and how to grow my relationship with my Higher Power!


I leave with a Peace in my heart. I have been so ready to Drop the Rock.

Gayle B

Clearly understand your Higher Power’s greater wisdom about your shortcomings

Change your perspective on your defects so you can better follow your Higher Power’s guidance

Stop crucifying yourself over your defects

Become more willing to turn your shortcomings over to the God of your understanding

Madeleine Craig

Madeleine Craig

Life and Recovery Coach

I know how incredibly important having a relationship with a Higher Power that works is for anyone in recovery! And I know how challenging it can be to build a loving and trusting relationship with your own understanding of a Higher Power.

And I am here to help you do that!!

I am a professionally trained life and recovery coach who uses coaching, spirituality and Twelve-Step principles to support people recovering their faith in themselves, and in the possibilities life holds, in the face of past traumas, addiction or family addiction, so they can become the woman or the man their Higher Power put them on this Earth to be.

I help people transcend the limiting beliefs these experiences often create so they can build the life they didn’t dare dream they could have.