Why Coaching?

You know deep down your Higher Power has a powerful purpose for you.

But where do you start? How do you manage to hear that still small voice that tells you the next right thing?  How do you stay in tune to that voice that tells you they’ve got you’re back?  You’re going to be fine.  All is well.

And, let’s be totally honest here: walking a spiritual path doesn’t mean we’re never scared.  It doesn’t mean that things are always clear.  Spiritual principles are simple, but that doesn’t mean they’re always easy.

Maintaining faith in the face of the unknown and those doubt-inducing obstacles is not easy. 

You’ve started on this path but do you really dare having big dreams?

Big dreams that require even greater faith. 

Big dreams that require a lot of courage. 

Will the Universe really support me in this? 

Does a fourth dimension of existence really exist? 

Do I have what it takes to live a life at that level?

Yes, it will.  Yes, it does.  And yes, you do. 

Fourth Dimension Coaching is committed to building your faith in these truths.  Just like the Cherokee legend of the two wolves inside each of us, one bitter, fearful, greedy, the other kind, happy, generous and faithful, I’m here to help you feed your faith and trust in all that is good.

My mission is to support you in discovering your Truth. In determining the specific steps your path.  And in cheering you on as you take each step. 

So, sign up for the weekly newsletter and get a powerful weekly dose of experience, strength and hope.  We will champion each other as we progress toward making our dreams a reality.  What could be better?

And if you need more individual help, explore my coaching packages and my courses and workshops.

The transformational conversations we have in our work together will connect you to your deepest values. They will revolutionize your attitude toward life, expand your perspective on the world and the possibilities it holds for you.  And they will foster your ability take effective action in this new world of amazing possibilities!

Experience your Fourth Dimension now!

I came to Madeleine knowing that I wanted more from life and from myself. She helped me wade through all of the self doubt, excuses and limiting beliefs, to a place where I found the confidence to take my dream seriously.  I finally have that sense of purpose I was so longing for! Madeleine is such a compassionate and beautiful person. Her intuition and gentle approach helped me move forward when I felt stuck.

Bethany S