Hear That Still Small Voice – Loud and Clear

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Are you ready to take your life to the next level, to transcend the trauma and emotional pain of addiction to a Fourth Dimension of existence?

With My Support As A Life Coach You Will:

  • Deepen your own personal understanding of and commitment to Twelve Step principles
  • Reconnect to your value as a person and your God-given purpose here on Earth
  • Recognize your inner brilliance and your powerful potential
  • Improve your relationship with your Higher Power, yourself and others
  • Find meaning in the painful experiences of addiction
  • Clearly connect with the still small voice of your Higher Power
  • Identify and clarify your own Truth – what’s most important for you, what effectively motivates you
  • Create an achievable vision of what it means for you to be happy, joyous and free
  • Become significantly more effective in serving others

Judgment-Free, Negativity-Free, and Advice-Free Zone

The miracle of coaching is that coaches do not give advice.  We all have our fears and our wounds, but effective coaching is based on the principle that underneath those experiences we are nevertheless already whole and already have all the resources we need within us.

They really do – and that means you do, too!  I promise!

As a coach I employ powerful transformational questions and visualization exercises to support you in completely circumventing the fears and negative thought patterns that block you from your Truth.  I’m talking about the Truth that will really set you free!

What that means is that I actually do NOT focus on the fears or the pain (and this is one important reason coaching is different from therapy.)  I side-step around that stuff and focus on the promise and potential that lies on the other side. 

This may sound like it couldn’t possibly work (you have to confront your fears, don’t you?)  I promise, it works, and it’s incredibly effective.  It actually makes it sooo much easier to move beyond the trauma of addiction.

In fact, I don’t totally subscribe to the mantra: no pain no gain.  I know it doesn’t have to be nearly as hard as our heads make it out to be.  It’s still work, but it doesn’t have to be the agonizing struggle it’s been up to this point.

I’m not saying you should quit therapy by any means.  Nor am I saying coaching is better.  Many deep emotional wounds will truly benefit from the help and perspective that therapy offers.  And you absolutely should be getting therapy if that’s the case.

But because coaching allows you to create a clear and compelling a clear connection to your intuition and a compelling vision of the promise and potential on the other side of addiction, it can be a powerfully effective complement to therapy and will likely make your therapy work more fruitful.

What really sets coaching apart from therapy, however, is that all the answers come from you and your Higher Power.  I don’t have your answers; you and your Higher Power do.  What I know is how to help you find those answers within yourself.

All the results belong to you!  I ask the powerful questions and guide you through the transformational exercises that will challenge and support you; you do the work, and you own the powerful changes that follow!

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