Spiritual Year-End Inventory and New Year Invocation Guide

Do you tend to look back on the past year and focus on all the things you should have done, or that should have happened by now?

Do you have a persistent nagging feeling that you should be further ahead than you actually are?

Does the end of the year often leave you feeling inadequate and small?

What if you could have a change in perspective that left you entering into the New Year feeling empowered, grateful and faithful?

That’s exactly what I created this guide to do.


It’s 5-page, fillable PDF with powerful questions on which to journal.

Warning: this is a transformative tool that is guaranteed to shift your perspective!  (If it doesn’t, send me the completed journal and I’ll refund you’re money. 😉  

But, many of the questions are tough – don’t sign up for this guide if you’re not committed to putting time and thought into some challenging questions.

If you’re up for the challenge, though, here’s what you’ll get when you use this guide:

  • A sacred space in which to reflect on, celebrate, and release the year that has passed.
  • A loving process to ponder your lessons from 2016 and to release everything that is no longer serving you.
  • An opportunity to meditate and clear space for your Higher Power’s will, and your hopes and dreams for 2017.
  • Clear intentions for supporting your own growth, service to your fellows, and creating joy.
  • A shift in perspective that will allow you to enter 2017 with insight, clarity, focus, and a powerful connection to your Higher Power.

If you’re ready be as intentional about 2017 and your recovery journey as possible, then I invite you to get my Spiritual Year-End Inventory and New Year Invocation Guide.

These are the same questions I use for my own year-end ritual every year, and they never fail to leave me feeling grateful, present, empowered, grounded and blessed heading into the New Year.

If you’d like to give yourself that gift, too, then get your own copy of my Spiritual Year-End Inventory and New Year Invocation Guide.


Reflect & Celebrate

We will create a sacred space to reflect on and celebrate the year that has passed.


Let the Past Year Go

We will prayerfully ponder our lessons from the past year and release everything that is no longer serving us.


We will meditate and clear space for our Higher Power’s will and our hopes and dreams for 2016.


Set Clear Intentions

We will set clear intentions for our supporting own growth and service to our fellows, and creating as much joy as we can stand in the coming year.

Madeleine Craig

Madeleine Craig

Life and Recovery Coach

I know how incredibly important having a relationship with a Higher Power that works is for anyone in recovery! And I know how challenging it can be to build a loving and trusting relationship with your own understanding of a Higher Power.

And I am here to help you do that!!

I am a professionally trained life and recovery coach who uses coaching, spirituality and Twelve-Step principles to support people recovering their faith in themselves, and in the possibilities life holds, in the face of past traumas, addiction or family addiction, so they can become the woman or the man their Higher Power put them on this Earth to be.

I help people transcend the limiting beliefs these experiences often create so they can build the life they didn’t dare dream they could have.

I came to Madeleine knowing that I wanted more from life and from myself. She helped me wade through all of the self doubt, excuses and limiting beliefs, to a place where I found the confidence to take my dream seriously.  I finally have that sense of purpose I was so longing for! Madeleine is such a compassionate and beautiful person. Her intuition and gentle approach helped me move forward when I felt stuck.

Bethany S

Madeleine has a remarkable ability to hear what you leave unspoken and then point out that message to you in a compassionate, direct way that will cause you to pause and question your assumptions and limiting beliefs. She is an excellent coach who will support you, challenge you, and inspire you to keep moving forward boldly.

Debra P

Madeleine possesses an awareness of herself and others that is accurate, refreshing and positive. Madeleine has a commitment to the success of others. I recommend Madeleine to anyone facing meaningful life choices. Madeleine will help discover and elicit answers that come from the heart as well as the intellect.

Kit S

Madeleine really helped me think through things and then take measures to get results. She is very sensitive and helpful. I am much more relaxed these days and doing better at maintaining my goals. It was a difficult process for me, but Madeleine really helped me with her patience and support.

Anne W